Subwatershed Study Overview

The Town of Chapel Hill retained WK Dickson to complete a Subwatershed Study and Plan for the Lower Booker Creek subwatershed. The Lower Booker Creek (LBC) subwatershed is approximately 1,130 acres (~1.8 square miles) and is located in the northern portion of Chapel Hill. The Lower Booker Creek Subwatershed Study included a process to assess how stormwater is currently managed within the subwatershed, evaluate the impact of future development on the conveyance infrastructure, and to develop recommendations for improving the management of stormwater including the identification of capital projects.

In part to help identify areas of concern within the watershed, the WK Dickson team conducted an expansive public outreach process. The public outreach allowed residents and business owners the opportunity to engage with team members, provide feedback on specific drainage issues, and learn about managing stormwater within Booker Creek.




The community was able to give feedback through survey questionnaires, public forums, a project website, community events, and direct emails to the project team.

Information collected during the outreach process as well as information from Town staff assisted the WK Dickson team in validating the hydraulic models against recent storm events and helped identify areas with repetitive flooding for further analysis.

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Study Area Map

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